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The purpose of this site is to educate on issues in Neurology. It seeks to give non-pharmacological measures in dealing with some of the most common as well as some of the most debilitating disorders seen in Neurology, especially as a growing number exists disillusioned by adverse effects of conventional medications. It is an exciting time in neurology with research and guidelines changing rapidly and continuously, evolving minute by minute. Some of the latest research and alternative treatments in Neurology is discussed prompted by questions from the courageous facing incurable disease.

The intention of this site is to provide valuable information. It is not designed to entertain nor is it designed for self-promotion. It serves as a resource to enlighten those with disillusionment of current treatments available today and seeks to answer very specific educational questions frequently asked in a specialty and subspecialty that cares for the interminably afflicted but who are unending in their hope.


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Virginia Thornley, M.D., Board-Certified General Neurologist, Clinical Neurophysiologist and Epileptologist